Five reasons you need portable shower hire

YOU STINK—and Five Other Reasons You Need Portable Shower Hire

A nice hot shower is not just for good hygiene and disease prevention, it’s also an essential social requirement to keep the world as we know it running smoothly. No one wants to be told ‘you stink’ or end up stuck sitting next to the whiffy person on the bus or train home from work. In the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane where summer temperatures routinely reach 30 degrees Celsius with high humidity, showering is not a luxury it really is a necessity. Here are five reasons you NEED portable shower hire in Brisbane:

Construction, building and work sites

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland state in their Managing the work environment and facilities: Code of Practice 2011 that onsite shower facilities are required for jobs that involve dirty, hot or hazardous work. Now, it could be argued that simply walking 500 metres outside of air-conditioning during January or February in Brisbane could be defined as hot and dirty work, but there can be no argument that being on the tools for 8 hours on a construction, building or work site this time of year is pretty much the epitome of a hot and dirty job.

Health and safety requirements aside, providing portable shower hire if there are no onsite facilities is simply the decent thing to do. A quick shower to remove the sweat, dust and grime at the end of a hard day’s labouring before jumping on the bus or train home keeps all commuters happy.

Bathroom renovations

If you’re currently renovating, or planning to renovate, your bathroom you absolutely need portable shower hire. Jumping in the car and racing around to your best friend’s or close family members’ houses every day to perform the essential ablutions might sound like a great idea at the time, but it wears thin pretty quickly, especially if you need to pile a child or two into the car each time.

Dealing with tradies is simply so much easier when you can come straight home from work and jump in your own shower in the privacy of your own backyard while your bathroom is out of action during renovations. You can even use the grey water that comes out of the back of the portable shower on your lawn and garden.

Special events

If you’re organising a wedding, party or a festival you might consider a portable shower unit or two while organising your portable toilet hire. If your special event is held in the great outdoors, in a park or on property, where no toilet and shower facilities are readily available, portable toilets are essential—but it’s a nice touch to provide a shower as well. There’s always plenty of last minute running around and hard work to do before and during any big event and if it’s held over the warmer months this is a perfect recipe for sweaty, sticky and stinky. Access to a portable shower before changing into glad rags for the big event keeps everyone happy and makes for a memorable day for all the right reasons.

Extra guests

If you’re having your son’s football team to stay during the school holidays or putting up all of the out-of-town wedding or party guests in your spare rooms and lounge room, you might want to consider hiring a portable shower to ensure that life runs smoothly and everyone keeps their cool. Imagine having to wait in line for the shower behind your mother-in-law and several teenage nieces—portable shower hire suddenly sounds like a fantastic idea.

An extended family holiday at that cute little beach shack can quickly turn from idyllic fun to sour and snarky when the hot water runs out. A portable shower unit gives you instant and endless hot water and ensures that no family feuds are started over bathroom queue jumping and cold showers.

Sporting events

If you’re organising a large-scale sporting even like a marathon or road race, don’t forget portable shower hire. Participants will expect access to post-race showers for a much-needed refreshing rinse-off after pounding the pavement for 40-odd kilometres. If you’re unsure how many portable showers you’ll need for your sporting event, contact the guys at Dinkum Dunnies and they’ll help you work out how many portable showers and toilets you’ll need to host a gold-medal event.

Short- or long-term portable shower hire

If you need portable shower hire in the Brisbane area, contact Dinkum Dunnies first. Whether you need short- or long-term portable shower hire for a few extra guests or a few hundred marathon runners, they are the friendliest and most efficient experts in town.

All Dinkum Dunnies portable showers are:

  • thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before being delivered
  • able to provide unlimited hot water with instant gas or electric hot water
  • easy to set up within minutes
  • able to connect to mains water or your garden tap
  • fully fitted out with soap holder, mirror, shower curtain and hooks for towels and clothing.

Hot and humid Brisbane weather stinks but that doesn’t mean you or anyone else has to. Get in touch with Dinkum Dunnies now for all your portable shower hire needs.