The Ins and Outs of Hiring a Portable Toilet

Whether it is a small private function, a construction site or a large music festival, hiring a portable toilet can be fraught with avoidable complexities and disappointment. Dinkum Dunnies explains the ins and outs of hiring a portable toilet for your event. Portable toilets are a necessity in many situations and it is possible in larger festivals or events that thousands of people will be relying on a small number of toilets at any one time. In such instances, a faulty or dysfunctional toilet can have a catastrophic effect on the convenience and hygiene of an event. This guide seeks to outline some important features of a portable toilet and the companies that provide them.


Contrary to common understandings, there is a plethora of portable toilet options – each designed somewhat differently depending upon its manufacturer. The disparities in the nature of these designs are such that many have inherent disadvantages, leaving only a few that are superior. Listed below are some of the features important in a well-designed portable toilet.

  • Well proportioned

By virtue of their very purpose, portable toilets must be relatively compact. However, this can give rise to one of the more common design flaws in amenities of this nature – insufficient internal space. Quite often, portable toilets are so compact that their interior lacks the legroom necessary for some individuals. Not only is this a fundamental shortcoming in the functionality of the unit, but it is also a significant impediment on user enjoyment and comfort. Many less scrupulous hire companies consider comfort to be an unreasonable demand in a portable loo and this is simply indicative of a poor quality operator. There are numerous designs of portable toilet with dimensions of a proportion such that compactness, comfort and functionality are all available. As a result, it is prudent to seek a company capable of providing toilets of such a design.

  • Well ventilated

Whilst it might seem is a hugely important feature of a well-designed portable toilet and there are several reasons for this. Unpleasant odours have the capacity to stagnate within a poorly ventilated space and this will be a significant deterrent to those who wish to use the portable loo. Furthermore, the bacteria associated with such scents are likely to remain within the toilet’s interior if there is inadequate ventilation through which they may exit. This is a substantial impediment to the hygiene and cleanliness of the toilet and as such, it is advisable that well-ventilated units are sourced as opposed to their poorly designed counterparts. The more reputable of hire companies will offer a range of portable toilets with effective ventilation.

  • Easily cleanable surfaces

The extent to which harmful bacteria and germs can be cleaned is dependant upon the surface on which they are present. Some surfaces can be cleaned to a much higher degree and it is these that are ideal for use in a portable toilet. Such surfaces are made from materials including ceramic or – more often – hard plastics or polymers. Disinfectant can be applied effectively to products of this nature and they can be wiped clean to great effect. This is primarily because they are smooth and non-absorbent. It can be valuable to enquire as to the construction and design of a portable toilet unit prior to hiring them for a function, event, or commercial purpose.


Cleanliness is perhaps the most pertinent of features with regard to good quality portable toilets and the hire thereof. The best portable loo hire  companies ensure that their portable loos are cleaned regularly and with care so as to offer consumers the best possible amenities to suit their purposes. It is worthwhile to enquire as to the way in which a hire company cleans their portable toilets and the most reputable of Brisbane’s providers will be capable of guaranteeing clean and well-maintained portable toilets.