Portable Power Poles

Power Poles | Portable Power For More Than Just Building Sites

Portable power poles aren’t one of the most prominent features of an average building site. In fact, they’re normally tucked away a little out of a sight. However, without them building sites would cease to function, almost entirely. For that reason, portable power poles are widely considered a pretty integral part of construction. But what about their other functions?

Portable power poles belong in more places than undeveloped building sites alone. In fact, they can be an integral part in entertainment events, functions, and more. So let’s have a look at how you can utilised the untapped power of portable poles!

Portable power poles are useful in a range of outdoor events – here’s why

Outdoor events need power in the same way that indoor events do. Sound systems, lighting, and entertainment systems all rely on dependable, consistent, and abundance power! Often, outdoor events will rely on generators to service those needs. But generators are loud, expensive to run, and often emit harmful fumes.

As a result, they’re not always the best fit for events. So what’s the alternative? Portable power poles offer all the power, without the noise, emissions, and intrusion of a generator. They’re safe, low profile, and offer all the power your outdoor event needs!

Portable power poles keep building sites moving before mains electricity is connected

Of course, we need to give a nod to the true scope of portable power poles in outdoor construction. Before electrical infrastructure goes in, and often before foundations are even laid, portable power poles are on the scene. As you can imagine, this is a testament to the reliability of the power they offer.

Not all houses are equipped to power heavy duty tools – here’s how portable power poles help

Sometimes, portable power poles are necessary for jobs that take place inside already constructed homes. And that’s not because the power isn’t connected yet! In a lot of homes – especially old ones – existing power infrastructure simple can’t cope with appliances that draw high currents. We’re not talking about your average washing machine or fridge, either.

If you’re getting renovations done, tradespeople may need to use power tools that draw high electrical currents – sometimes so high that your system can short circuit. In those cases, you need to think outside the square. A portable power pole will offer its own electrical system, which will be able to cater for the high output electricity required by those tools. That means safer, smoother renovations for you.

If you’re in doubt, play is safe: here’s why portable power poles are a safety feature

Of course, it’s not always immediately obvious when an electrical network isn’t up to the challenge. So if you’re a tradesperson with power-hungry tools, it’s best to err on the side of caution. Getting a power pole organised for an older looking home is often a safe way to ensure that potential electrical hazards are avoided.

It will mean fewer hold ups to the job, and it will mean less chance of damage to the home you’re working on. But most importantly, with a professionally configured portable power pole, it will mean a higher standard of safety.

Portable power poles are an affordable and safe power solution for more than just construction sites!

When it comes to power everything from large scale construction, to outdoor soirees, portable power poles are the most useful solution. So dispense with your noisy  generator, and look into portable power pole hire today. It will keep your project running smoother, for longer, and at a very reasonable price.