Portable Toilet Hire: Not Just For The Construction Site!

Portable Toilet Hire | Not Just For The Construction Site!

We’ve all seen them: those little blue or green boxes that are tucked away on every construction site. And for a good reason too – you can hardly expect a functioning toilet in a house that hasn’t even got a roof yet. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that portable toilet hire is for more than just tradespeople and jobsites. Portable toilet hire is a pretty diverse service – anyone can jump on board.

Whether it’s for an event, or just for your convenience, portable toilet hire is there for you to take advantage of. It doesn’t have to be a large event either – from festivals to barbeques, portable toilet hire is never more than a call away! So let’s take a look at a few of the less talked about situations that call for portable toilet hire.

Portable toilet hire is the backbone of any large event, so make the most of it!

We’ll start with the obvious: large events. Outside of construction sites, large events are probably the first thing people think about when it comes to portable toilet hire. Everyone has been at the wrong end of one of those queues before! Portable toilet hire is the backbone of any large event, and it’s not hard to see why it’s so important. If you get a few hundred – or thousand – people together without a closely proximate toilet, all hell is sure to break loose. So get in there early and organise your portable toilet hire.

Is there any event too big or too small for portable toilet hire? Of course not!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that portable toilet hire is only for large events. Portable toilet hire is just as important if one person uses it, as it is if a hundred do. The simple fact is that when you have to answer the call of nature, you need a toilet nearby. And that’s exactly what portable toilet hire is there for. So don’t miss your opportunity – portable toilet hire does not discriminate, and neither should you!

Is your bathroom out of action for a while? Portable toilet hire is the solution

Now that we have covered the obvious uses of portable toilet hire, let’s take a look at a few of the less obvious options. Like bathroom renovations or repairs, for example. If you have some works coming up on your bathroom, you are probably a little concerned about you access to amenities during that time. And rightly so – if you’re in a one-bathroom home, your access to a spare toilet is compromised. But with a single phone call to your portable toilet hire company, you’re in the clear. They can have a portable toilet at your place in no time!

Worried about space? Portable toilets are more portable than you might think

If you’ve seen them before, you’ll probably know that portable toilets have a bit of size to them. And, pretty understandably, that is a concern for some people. If you only have limited space at your place, you may well consider portable toilet hire off limits. But that’s probably not the case. Sure, a portable toilet probably won’t fit inside your unit – but there are other options. All it takes is some creativity! For example, a lot of people who need portable toilets in their apartments make space in their car park. It might mean parking on the street for a little while, but if you can fit a car there, you can probably fit a portable toilet too!

Portable toilet hire is pretty flexible – you have long term and short term options

Now let’s talk specifics: how long can you hang on to a portable toilet? Well, a lot of the time that’s pretty flexible. So if you have a bathroom refit, or some other extended event, you can work with your portable toilet hire service to keep your portable toilet for as long as you need it. So don’t miss out on the convenience – organise portable toilet hire whenever and wherever you need it!

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