Portable Toilet Hire

Portable Toilet Hire For Kids’ Birthday Parties – Genius or Overkill?

Kids birthday parties seem to grow in size and stature every year. They’re big events now! And as with any big event, planning is key. You’ve got to get the catering down pat – you don’t want anyone going hungry. Seating is important too – will there be a table arrangement, or will it be a jumping castle affair?

There’s so much to plan, and most people nail it. But there’s one thing that is often overlooked. Toilet facilities! If you’ve got upwards of twenty children coming to your home for a birthday party, can your toilet handle it?

We reckon portable toilets offer the perfect solution, and leave you with some quiet indoor space – free from mess! But is it overkill? Let’s take a look at the advantages.

Portable toilet hire has long been a favourite for large outdoor events like weddings – why not expand it?

Portable toilet hire is a vital component of so many events. Sure, there are the big ticket items like music festivals and carnivals. But there are also smaller, more personal events that have long utilised portable toilet hire. Take outdoor weddings for example.

There may be fewer than one hundred people, but that doesn’t mean portable toilet hire isn’t appropriate. So why note extend its use to kids’ birthday parties? A lot of the time, there are 20 to 40 attendees at a kids birthday, and that’s not dissimilar to a small wedding. And certainly, it’s far more that you would want in your personal bathroom!

If you have a one-bathroom house, portable toilet hire might a necessity for your child’s party

There’s a golden ration when it comes to toilet accessibility. And if you’ve only got one toilet to cater for over twenty people, then you may fall slightly short. The reality is that portable toilet hire is sometimes a necessity. Large kids’ parties are a great example: you need to have enough toilets for the job. So instead of sacrificing your only toilet, why not hire two or three for half a day, and enjoy some peace and quiet inside.

No mess, no fuss: How portable toilet hire can make the clean up so much easier for you

Cleaning toilets isn’t fun – but for the professionals, it’s no big deal at all! By hiring portable toilets for a kids birthday party, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the toilet afterwards – it hasn’t been used any more than normal. Any mess made by the kids will simply be transported away at the end of the day, without you having to lift a finger.

Better still, with no need to come and use your indoor toilet, there’s no need for the kids to come indoors at all! That means no dirty footprints in the house, and nothing out of place at the end of the day. The kids have fun outdoors for a while, and you can watch the fruits of your labour take flight, in the form of a well-executed party.

If you want to know more about portable toilet hire, contact the experts!

Portable toilet hire is flexible, and it’s easy. If you want to know more, simply get in touch with the experts. They will be able to run you through the finer points of portable toilet hire. That includes the different options available to you, pricing increments, and transportation.

And if you choose a reputable portable toilet provider, then the service will be terrific – you won’t need to lift a finger. Your portable toilets will be delivered, and positioned – ready to go for the big event!