Portable Power Poles – The Safe Option

Portable Power Poles – The Safe Option

Electricity is absolutely vital, whether you are at home or on the job. But sometimes, you can’t source electricity from a power point. This is normally the case during renovations on your house, or when you have a large-scale building project. So how do you access electricity? Well there are two main ways: a generator, or a portable power pole. However when it comes to safety and reliability, there’s no substitute for a portable power pole. And we will explain why in this guide!

Unlike generators, portable power poles connect you to the grid

Let’s start off with the question on everyone’s mind: how do portable power poles work? It’s actually surprisingly simple. Portable power poles basically connect you to the grid in the same way as a conventional power source would. It receives and distributes electricity from the grid once it has been connected. That means you will be able to use electricity normally, whether you’re on a job site or at home.

Because you’re connected to the grid, you can access power more reliably

The foremost advantage of getting power from the grid is reliability. When you access power from the grid, you don’t need to worry about a generator. You won’t have problems like refuelling your generator, ensuring that it is well-ventilated or encountering technical difficulties that often accompany small engines. Instead, you will have a stable source of power. You will also know exactly how much power you have access to, so you are less likely to accidentally overload your power source, which can be dangerous.

As with anything connected to the grid, power poles have to be installed by licenced electricians 

One of the best things about portable power poles is that much of the responsibility is out of your hands. Of course, you still have to treat the power pole safely and ensure that no problems arise. But in terms of installation and safety checks, you will have a licenced and qualified electrician at your disposal. Because of the electrical currents involved, the installation cannot be undertaken by anyone other than an electrician. So you can rest assured that your power pole has been installed safely.

Power poles are a safe option: they must be approved by Energex

And the safety doesn’t end there! After your power pole has been expertly installed, it needs to be tested by a qualified electrician and approved by Energex. But you still don’t need to worry about that – your power pole provider will submit all the relevant forms to Energex. This means that you have two layers of safety surrounding your electricity source. You also have the peace of mind that comes with reliability and expert installation.

When you need high voltage currents, power poles are your safest bet

It’s pretty clear that when it comes to power poles, safety is the foremost priority. And there is a good reason for that: high voltage electricity is dangerous. So if you are working in a commercial setting and need temporary access to power, there is simply no substitute for power poles. They even come in three-phase configurations, which means you can access high voltage electrical currents with complete safety. This is absolutely paramount for commercial and industrial settings. High voltage power is the backbone of large construction jobs and with three-phase power poles, that’s exactly what you get. So no matter how big your tools or equipment, you will be able to power them safely. So don’t risk anything else – choose portable power poles for your next project. They combine safety and reliability like no other temporary power source can.