Construction Site Facilities

Must Have Construction Site Facilities for your Project

Construction projects require a lot of planning. Whether you’re building a high rise or a bungalow, you need materials, contractors, managers, and tools onsite from day one. But what about your site facilities? Naturally, most construction sites are pretty bare bones.

You’ll be lucky if they’re plumbed – let alone connected to the power grid! That means site facilities are left to you. But with a few basics, you’ll probably find that construction site facilities are pretty easy to manage. Here are the must-haves, to get you started.

Site fencing is an important part of your construction site facilities – here’s why

Site fencing: it’s a must. It’s important for safety, and security, as well as dust and noise control. In fact, site fencing is sometimes a requirement. So what do you need in good construction site fencing? First, you need a reasonable height. Security and dust control are only possible with fencing that extends a good way off the ground.

Then you should consider quality: do you have access to fencing that’s in a good condition? Things like rust, vandalism, and deterioration can all detract from the safety and security that your fencing offers. Make sure you’re sourcing your site fencing facilities from a reputable supplier.

Power up with power pole facilities for your construction site

Electricity runs job sites, just as it runs homes and business. So before work can begin, you need to have power sorted. Sure, there are diesel and petrol generators available. But they’re loud, hard to transport, and often unreliable. That’s why portable power poles are a must-add on your list of site facilities. Of course, you need to consider safety when it comes to electricity. That’s why you should ensure that your power pole is supplied by a reputable company, and installed by a licenced and qualified electrician.

Keep everyone happy with abundant construction site toilet facilities – no matter where you are!

Portable toilets: they are the spine of all productive construction sites! So when you’re making a list of must-have construction site facilities, portable toilets warrant a mention pretty early in the mix. Portable toilets are a must where there are no nearby toilet facilities. That’s often the case in construction sites, where plumbing is usually yet to be fitted or has been decommissioned while work is ongoing.

However, getting your site facilities right is not a simple matter of throwing in a few portable toilets. You need to make sure that you get the right number of toilets. You also need to make sure that they’re in good condition. As well as that, you should check the terms of your hire agreement. A good portable toilet provider will offer ongoing service to you, including emptying toilets as necessary.

Fight off the summer heat with portable showers – a luxury among construction site facilities

This one may not be a strict necessity, but it’s certainly a luxury that will pay for itself! Portable showers are a great way to keep morale high on the job site when the temperatures are soaring. Giving your tradies a chance to cool off in the heat of the day is a great way to keep everyone happy. It’s also a useful safety measure, in a state where the hot sun can be a real health hazard. With construction site facilities for cooling off and refreshing, you can keep your site more productive across summer.

Get in touch with the experts, to get your construction site facilities delivered on time

To get your site facilities sorted, finding the right provider is key. You want someone reliable, reputable, and with all the services in the one spot. So get in touch with pros to find out where you can find all the site facilities you need.