Portable Toilets

Keeping Portable Toilets Clean and Hygienic | Expert Tips

Now, more than ever, hygiene is a priority. And when it comes to hygiene, portable toilets are the front line. Luckily, keeping portable toilets clean and hygienic is actually quite straightforward. Over the years, we’ve learnt first hand how to keep on top of portable toilet cleanliness and hygiene.

To help you do the same, we’ve put together this quick list of hygiene tips. Not only will it keep your guests happy at your next event, but it will also keep them safe and healthy!

First, make sure you hire portable toilets from reliable providers – here’s why

The first step in portable toilet hygiene is to hire yours from a reliable provider. Getting a toilet that has already been cleaned and maintained to the highest possible standard is a great start. If you hire a toilet that’s not been properly sanitised after its last use, you stand little chance of getting to an adequate standard of hygiene yourself.

So do your research before you choose a portable toilet provider. Look for things like adverse reviews, forums, and provider websites. Then, if possible, take a look at the portable toilets you’re going to hire, before you hire them.

Small steps count: keep soap and sanitiser in your portable toilets

Another thing we’ve learnt throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been the value of small steps. Our individual behaviour matters when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Luckily, we’ve seen that people are prepared to do the right thing.

So help them do it! If you keep your portable toilets well stocked with sanitiser and soap, people will use it. The importance of hand hygiene cannot be understated, and leading by example is the best way to keep your events at the highest standard of hygiene.

This is why it’s important to ensure that you hire enough portable toilets to cater for your event

That brings us onto our next tip: hire enough toilets for everyone at your event. Keeping on top of hygiene and cleanliness will be easiest if the crowds are serviced by a proportionate number of portable toilets. Not only is a toilet shortage uncomfortable for your patrons, but it’s also potentially unhygienic. With swathes of people moving through one or two portable toilets, there’s a greater chance that more people will be exposed to potentially harmful pathogens.

If you have an issue with your portable toilet, call the experts as soon as possible

Finally, if there are any issues get them addressed promptly. Reputable portable toilet providers are responsive and helpful and will help keep portable toilets in circulation at your event. If there are any problems, it’s vital that they are addressed as soon as possible, before they get worse. So keep in touch with your portable toilet providers, and make sure you follow their care and maintenance instructions.