Toilet Requirements For Events

Do You Need More Than One Portable Toilet For A Single Event?

Toilets are the heart and soul of every event. Of course, you probably won’t read about them on the invitation or brochure, but that’s a hard truth to overlook. Without portable toilets, outdoor events would be short-lived at best. However, even with portable toilets, it’s possible for your event’s toilet requirements to fall short.

To avoid that, there’s a question you need to answer: how many portable toilets does your event require? That answer differs, as well, from one event to another. Luckily, we’re at your service to help answer the commonly asked question: do you need more than one toilet for a single event?

The rule of thumb: Most events have the requirement of one portable toilet for every 60 guests

We feel like a good place to start is with a general rule. That general rule is simple: aim for one toilet, for every sixty guests. You may be wondering how we arrived at that number. So let’s take a look at the mechanics of that rule. First, consider that sixty attendees generally bring a gathering from party status to event status. When your guest list exceeds forty of fifty, it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to cater to everyone.

And not just with food! If your gathering classifies as an event, it’s possible that you need to meet council requirements, depending on where you’re hosting it. Those requirements often include sanitation requirements. Basically, one toilet per sixty guests is a baseline standard, that will aid in both comfort and regulatory compliance. But there’s still more to think about.

Portable toilet requirements also depend on how long your event is running

Duration is just as important as the number of guests at your event. If your event goes for several days, in an outdoor venue, one toilet per sixty guests won’t cut it. At some point, that toilet is going to need to be emptied or replaced. So what will your guests do while that happens? We would recommend a minimum of three toilets for events that span numerous days. That way, you’ve got a few contingency options if something goes wrong.

What sort of event are you hosting?

Believe it or not, the type of event you’re hosting will have a bearing on how many portable toilets you need. Some events, such as music festivals, require a substantial number of toilets. The reason for that is demand. With potentially thousands of people consuming alcohol, the need for accessible toilet facilities will be high. On the other hand, a shorter event with fewer attendees and no alcohol will not place as much demand on toilets. Therefore, you can get away with a smaller number.

Placement: Different events will also require different portable toilet placement

Placement is another key factor in events management. Not only do you need the right number of toilets, but you also need them to be well placed. It’s no good having one hundred toilets that nobody can reach! Our advice is to distribute toilets around your event in pairs. For larger events, you may even want groups of three.

Consult with the experts: If you’re new to events hosting, ask the experts about toilet requirements

Finally, don’t be afraid to call in the pros. If you’re not too sure of your event’s portable toilet requirements, as for some advice. The experts will have service countless events, big and small. That means they’ll have a fair idea of how many toilets you need for your event.

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