Construction Site Portable Toilets

Construction Site Portable Toilets – When ALL Your Tradies Are BRICK Layers

So you need to organise construction site portable toilets? One of the biggest and most frustrating problems we face day in, day out at Dinkum Dunnies Portable Toilet Hire is office workers being put in charge of ordering the loos for tradies on a construction site.

Before we even get started on the ratios of bums on seats to the number of portable toilets required, let’s get one thing straight: most tradies are Big Brick Layers. If you have no idea what we’re talking about we suggest getting out of the office and checking out firsthand what a real life tradie actually eats for lunch and smoko every day. In fact, you may also need to factor in the beers after work when number crunching how many toilets you’re going to need.

We’re not trying to create or perpetuate any stereotypes here; we’re simply saying that in over 30 years of hiring out portable toilets we haven’t met many vegan tradies.

An ode to the tradies lunch – the importance of construction site portable toilets!

We just hire out the portable toilets. We make no claims or pretentions to being specialists in the human digestive system or the effect of food on the alimentary canal. But in the famous words of Sherlock Holmes, it’s elementary my dear Watson! A diet of meat pies, sausage rolls, kebabs, burgers, bacon and egg rolls, coffee, assorted cola flavoured beverages, chocolate milk and after work beers is going to result in a dire need for plenty of onsite porcelain.

It’s a pretty straightforward mathematical equation that what goes in must come out and, believe us, it ain’t pretty. Get your portable toilet hire wrong and you’ll be paying a price that stinks!

Don’t under estimate your portable toilets when it comes to big brick layers

The right portable toilets will keep your construction site running as smoothly as your guts after a prune sandwich. We have several options to choose from depending on the available onsite amenities with hire starting from as little as $4 per day.   We deliver our loos fresh and hygienic to site and clean them once a fortnight to give your apprentices a break from the toilet brush and spray cleaner. We provide:

  • Chemical toilets with fresh water flush. These are fully self-sufficient chemical toilets with fresh water flush, serviced every 2 weeks.
  • Sewer connect. No servicing is required with these portable toilets if you have direct access to sewers.
  • Park and poo. Our self-contained trailer toilets have stabilising legs for difficult sites or jobs where you need to move toilet access around.
  • Disabled toilets. Choose toilets with easy wheelchair access, fully compliant with Australian Standards for Disabled use.

No job too big or too small

No matter how big or small your job or business is, we can provide you with the right type and the right numbers when you’re looking at onsite portable toilet hire.

  • Small building contractors – Don’t embarrass yourself by causing a stink in the customer’s loo. Hire your own onsite toilet and catch up on the outhouse news after lunch in the privacy of your very own dunny.
  • Large civil engineering firms – Be sure to follow through and keep your tradies happy with plenty of onsite toilets. You’ll have a hard time eliminating the stink if you get your portable toilet hire wrong. We’re only too happy to help work out how many you’ll need to get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction.

Don’t become the butt of onsite jokes! Hire your portable toilets from Dinkum Dunnies. We specialise in onsite portable toilet hire, Brisbane to Sunshine Coast and Ipswich. Contact us us on 07 5495 5733 or enquire online.

Need portable toilet hire in Brisbane and surrounds? Dinkum Dunnies has you covered.