Australia’s pop up Urinals – Eyesore or portable toilets at their finest?


Taking the lead from European cities, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth city councils have proposed the implementation of public toilets of a new and innovative variety in an attempt to solve wet wee woes.

Portable open air urinals have already been deployed on the streets of Kings Cross and Oxford Street in Sydney in an attempt to stop late night revellers relieving themselves during the wee hours in less than appropriate places! Differing from a completely enclosed portable toilet, these open-air stand-up urinals, while offering less privacy, are dispatched on city streets on weekends and picked up again on Sundays in a bid to combat complaints that they are an eyesore.

While the concept has been slammed as disgusting and bizarre by some, the problems with alcohol and bladders is a very real one that affects many living and working close to nightclub precincts who say they are fed up with people urinating on front doorsteps and garden beds.

Less Frills, But Cleaner City Streets

Even though the designs used offer far less frills than that of traditional portable toilets, the end result is the same.  In our busiest cities, there’s no doubt there is a basic requirement of local councils to have enough toilets which can be accessed at any time of the day. In the case of party precincts finding toilets can be difficult when club lockouts have started, and other toilets have become locked. The concept of these open air urinals have also been welcomed by council cleaners, shop owners, and enforcement officers who can issue less public urination fines.

Locals have also claimed they are a safer and more appealing solution than using late night public toilets in train stations and parks, which can be a deterrent for people, and see people taking the easy way out! After these urinals have been trialled in Australian cities and proven effective in Sydney and Canberra, the questions remains whether the will be rolled out nationwide.

But there’s just one wee problem…


Unfortunately these styles of pop up potties are for men only at this stage, and makes them not an all inclusive solution.  A new type of pop up toilet is also being considered, one which literally pop’s up out of the ground, and retracts again, solving concerns about the ugliness of the toilets. They also come with a self-cleaning mechanism. These style public urinals are already successfully used in London and across the UK and offer enough privacy to adequately shield users while in operation.

Here at Dinkum Dunnies, we know better than anyone the need for a mobile sanitary solution in all sorts of circumstances. While this form of toilets may be criticised by some, you can’t ignore the problem of a lack of toilets, and the very real problem of public urination in some of our busiest urban areas. After the trial ended in Sydney, the only complaint from many was that they were not made permanent!


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