hire Portable Toilets For Events

4 reasons To Hire Portable Toilets For Events

Planning the guest list for your next big event always takes a bit of thought. But there’s one guest who should always stand atop the list of VIPs: the humble portable toilet! It might not be your first choice, but you have to admit that portable toilets can make or break any big event. If you’ve ever attended an event that was a little understocked in the portable toilet department, you’ll know that it can be a showstopper. There are many reasons why portable toilets for events are vital, but when it comes to the top points we reckon there are four that really stand out. And here they are!

Planning a big event at home? Portable toilets preserve your home by keeping the party outside!

Home weddings, large parties and neighbourhood events are all pretty common. And why wouldn’t they be! These events are great fun, and they are far more affordable than booking through venues. The extra money you save can even go towards adding a few extra names to the list! Among them: portable toilets. And here’s why. Large home events generally take place in the backyard. There’s more space and it’s generally a good way to preserve your home’s interior – not to mention your peace of mind! But keeping guests to the designated party zone is hard if the only toilet is inside. That’s where our old friend the portable toilet will be useful. By organising a few portable toilets outside, you can make sure that the inside of your home is still in one piece come the end of the night.

Big events are a great place to have a drink with friends – so keep a portable toilet close by!

Big events are normally fuelled by a wide variety of liquid refreshments. But what goes in must come out – normally sooner, rather than later. So it’s absolutely imperative that you’re prepared. Regardless of where your event is, you need toilets on hand. And you don’t want a big walk between your event and the loo. So why not bring the loo to you? With portable toilets for your event, you can add to the convenience factor and keep all the revellers happy. It mightn’t seem like a big thing, but its importance will quickly become apparent!

Large crowds and small toilets don’t mix: bring in some back-up with portable toilets at your event

The toilet queue: it’s one place we can safely say nobody wants to be. But too often, event goers across the country seem stuck in the long queue to the only toilet. And we think you deserve better! That’s why our advice is simple: get more toilets. With portable toilets, you can service your event’s toilet needs better than ever. You can place portable toilets strategically and discreetly so that the queues are minimal and the satisfaction immense.

If you’re running a big event, you’ll need council approval: that means portable toilets are a must!

Finally, there are the regulations. Big events normally need to be signed off by the local authority. And they can be pretty detailed in their scrutiny of your set up. If you don’t meet their standards, then your event probably won’t get off the ground. But there’s one way that you can impress them: portable toilets. The rules differ in different council areas, but there’s almost invariably a requirement for a certain number of toilets to match a certain number of attendees. It makes sense too – without the right amenities, even a well-planned event can fall apart. Luckily, the fix is easy – so get your portable toilets sorted today!

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