3 Reasons Portable Showers Belong at Busy Beaches

You know that smell, the scent of sweat wafting through the air, as your best mate emerges from the gym followed by a trail of acrid BO? If you’re a town planner or council decision maker, that’s how your fellow residents feel every time they head for the showers following a dip in the ocean only to find they’re out of order. It’s great the relevant powers that be are taking pains to ensure every facility is upgraded to a standard everyday beach goers deserve, but what about in the meantime? Here are 3 reasons why you should install  Dinkum Dunnies portable showers at the required locations until everything is back up and running.


It gets everywhere. It really does, even if you don’t lie on the beach or spend much time walking along the sand – it still manages to settle into the nooks and crannies of your body, your clothes and your belongings. A shower takes care of two out of three, allowing punters to wash the itchy grains off their arms, legs and what have you without climbing in their car first, going home and THEN finally heading out afterward. Installing temporary showers removes unnecessary inconvenience and ensures beach lovers have a hygienic way of showering after getting sand everywhere.


Going to the beach should be a fun experience – the curling waves, the safe but challenging currents (always swim between the flags), the sick sets rolling in off a nice southerly change, even building sand castles and letting the waves chase your feet with the kids. No matter how you play it, the beach is a fun capital. By ensuring there’s working showers available to the public, you’re improving relations between the common family on the street and the key decision makers, sitting behind their desks and looking for cuts. Our portable showers are free standing, spacious and packed with all the right shelves for soap and shampoo, and a shower curtain and hooks for clothes. You never know they may be more popular than the open air alternatives!


Not everybody likes coming home smelling like the Pacific. If it isn’t the sand mentioned above, it’s the way the salt water clings to your skin, drying like another layer. It makes it impossible to make any plans directly following a quick dip in the ocean – nobody wants to rock up to a beachside café wearing the beach! Be aware of other diners and holiday makers by providing the right facilities. If a tourist has a bad experience because of a lack of showers, they won’t be back.

Do you own a pool? The same rules can be applied, just swap out sand with chlorine! There are always alternatives and portable showers are the strongest contender.