porta potty facts

10 Fun And Fascinating Porta Potty Facts

Porta potties are a very much overlooked utility in our community. So often, we simply don’t notice them; that is, until we need to! So in honour of our great mate the porta potty, let’s take a look at some of the more obscure porta potty facts we know.

Fact #1 The porta potty is among the most benign technology to emerge from World War II

When you think of wartime technology, your mind probably visits a few of the more sinister options. Bombs, weapons, vehicles, and tactics are what we normally associate with war technology. But there are plenty of less sinister things too, like the humble porta potty! Porta potties are actually a product of World War II technology, which sought to provide sanitation for the shipyards, which were understandably busy.

Fact #2 Evidence suggests that ancient Egyptian tombs were equipped with a porta potty – here’s why

It’s a pretty widely recognised fact that the porta potty as we know it emerged in the 1940s. However, there is some evidence to suggest that a certain variety of porta potty was invented long before that. Owing to the firm Egyptian belief in an afterlife, Egyptian tombs were often adorned with the necessities. These generally included all the items necessary to get through life after death. And it doesn’t get more necessary that a toilet!

Fact #3 To meet the need of some very discerning patrons, the luxury porta potty was invented!

It’s the case with every invention: someone has to create a luxury version! And porta potties are not immune from that phenomenon. Luxury porta potties, with marble benchtops and all sorts of luxury additions, are actually pretty common. We don’t mind the classic get-the-job-done version, though.

Fact #4 Research has indicated that the first porta potty in the row is the cleanest – who would have thought?

It’s a debate as old as public toilets themselves: which stall is the cleanest? Unsurprisingly, this debate extends to porta potties. But the answer may surprise you: it’s the first! People generally favour privacy, and so they go to the furthers porta potty from the queue.

Fact #5 Porta potties offer more than just convenience – they are also good for the environment

We all know they’re one of the most practical varieties of toilet. But what are the other benefits of a porta potty? Well, water conservation is one. Porta potties use far less water than conventional toilets, which makes them better for the environment.

Fact #6 Embalming chemicals such as formaldehyde were the first used to mask porta potty odour

The famous chemical you see in porta potties wasn’t always our sanitary saviour. Back when they were invented, porta potties were equipped with formaldehyde to mask the smell. Of course, research has since shown that formaldehyde is quite harmful, so that practice has ceased long ago.

Fact #7 The large industry built around the humble porta potty is still growing – here’s why

Like any industry, the porta potty industry is built around supply and demand. So if the industry is growing, so too must demand. But from where? Construction, of course! With so much development and construction going on at the moment, someone has to keep sanitation ahead of the curve. And that’s where we come into the picture.

Fact #8 You can use a porta potty for more than just big events – they’re also great for private parties

Porta potties aren’t only for concerts and construction. If you’re hosting a large number of guests and your facilities can’t cope with the numbers, why not supplement them with a porta potty? It will keep your bathroom clean, and your guests happy.

Fact #9 Porta potties haven’t always been so portable – here’s why!

Porta potties began as heavy constructions, made predominately from timber and metal. Emptying them was hard, and moving them was harder. Luckily, that’s no longer the case!

Fact #10 Thanks to their lightweight and durable design, you can get a porta potty just about anywhere

Today, the humble porta potty is made from a lightweight polymer. They’re easy to clean, and even easier to move. If you need one moved into place on your site – give us a call!