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Wedding Toilet Hire: Inviting Portable Toilets To Your Wedding

A space on the guest list of any wedding is a coveted position. So you may not be too keen to give yours away to an old friend who you generally prefer to see in private. But, as with all wedding guest lists, there are one or two additions that simply must be made. And one of those is a portable toilet. It’s easy to get caught up in balloon arches, floral arrangements, seating plans and catering, but even the not-so-glamorous toilet needs a look in. And here’s why!

Having a home wedding? Portable toilet hire will keep the party outside

If you’re planning a home wedding, chances are you’ve got a pretty extensive outdoor setup. And you probably want to keep it that way. Having people gathering in your garden is one thing. But having them bring a little bit of the garden inside with them every time they go to the toilet is another entirely. By the end of the night it will be hard to distinguish your hallway from the flowerbed! Luckily, there’s one guest who you can trust to keep the party outdoors, and that’s a portable toilet. If people don’t need to go inside, chances are they won’t.

If your wedding is a little more off the grid, portable toilet hire is a must

If your wedding is further afield than the backyard or family farm, you may be lacking a toilet altogether. And if that’s the case, wedding toilet hire is probably at the top of your planning schedule. If it’s not, now’s the time to put it there! Mixing a generous combination of food and drink is a sure fire way to see the worth of wedding toilet hire. So make some arrangements now – we guarantee that it’ll be one of the easiest bookings you make.

Worried about spoiling the atmosphere? Wedding toilet hire is more discreet than you may think

We will be the first to admit that, despite their importance, portable toilets don’t exactly scream romance. If you’re worried that the toilets you hire for your wedding will bring down the ambience a little, that’s understandable. Luckily, it is easy to avoid though. Portable toilets earn their keep by being exactly that – portable! And that means they are quite small, very discreet, and easy to tuck away. Out of sight, out of mind ¬– at least, until you need them.

Portable toilets make the perfect guest at any wedding: you can control precisely where they stand!

To follow on from our last point, portable toilets are incredibly easy to position. With the help of your expert provider, you can arrange to have your portable toilet placed just about anywhere. Behind some bushes, under a tree, around the corner, or out the back: the choice is yours! If only it were that easy to manage the seating plan for all your other guests…

Get hitched without a hitch: invite portable toilets to your wedding – you won’t regret it!

Weddings are a logistical feat quite unlike any other. They combine planning, organisation, and foresight with more precision than almost any other event. Once you’ve put it all together, you have every right to take pride in your achievement. So don’t let the simple things spoil it! Get onto your portable toilet provider and organise wedding toilet hire. As they say, the devil is in the detail – you need to cover all the bases. And with some expert help from the portable toilet prodigies, you can ensure that your guests are all comfortable, happy, and exactly where you want them.

To organise your wedding toilet hire, get in touch!