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5 Benefits Of Temporary Power Pole Hire

Electricity drives our lives. Whether you’re at home, at work, or out and about, electricity is a necessity. However, sometimes power simply isn’t available. That often occurs on job sites, where a new building isn’t connected to power yet. It can also occur at outdoor events, where there are no power sources nearby. Generally speaking, it can occur when you least expect it. So what can you do when electricity isn’t available? The obvious solution is battery power, or generators. But battery power doesn’t match 240v power, and generators are noisy, costly, and inconvenient. That leaves the best choice: temporary power pole hire. Here’s why.

Safety: temporary power pole hire delivers safe 240v electricity to your job site

Electricity presents a number of very well known hazards. If it’s set up in a way that’s not safe, electricity can have devastating consequences. That is certainly a concern when it comes to temporary power sources. What assurances do you have that a temporary power source is safe and professionally installed? With temporary power pole hire, you have the assurance of a licenced, and qualified electrician – as demanded by law. When you hire a temporary power pole, it’s installed and connected by a licenced and qualified expert. That expert can give you all the assurances to need to know that your power is safe.

Reliability: temporary power pole hire reduces your reliance on battery powered equipment

Battery powered equipment, and generator power are simply not as reliable as temporary power poles. Both generators and batteries are finite sources of power. Often, they run out of juice just when you need them most. If your battery runs out, that means either a long wait to charge it, or an expensive replacement. If your generator runs out of fuel, that means yet another trip to the service station to fill it. And in the meantime, your site or event is without power. With portable power pole hire, that won’t happen. You have reliable power, on demand.

Accessibility: temporary power pole will deliver electricity in some of the most inaccessible places

Whether you’re building on a site that’s a bit out of the way, or hosting a large event somewhere outdoors, electricity can be hard to come by. And a lot of the time, getting a heavy generator in is hard work. Sometimes, it’s just not feasible because of noise or emissions. However, getting a portable power pole into a site is an easy task. They’re easy to manoeuvre, unobtrusive, and easy for your electrician to set up!

Convenience: sometimes, battery power is insufficient, and that where power pole hire helps!

Even when you have a power source, it can sometimes be insufficient. That is a significant problem for tradespeople who use certain tools. A lot of industrial tools draw very large currents. In some cases, even household electrical systems aren’t up to the challenge. In those cases, you can face the frustration of tripping switches whenever you use a certain tool. That is often associated with the inconvenience of having to find a sturdier power supply. But that inconvenience is eliminated altogether by temporary power pole hire!

Staying up to code: temporary power pole hire meets all the safety regulations

On any building site, and at any event, there are strict safety regulations. These are in place to save lives, and they do every day. Whenever electricity is involved, safety must be the foremost priority. And a part of that is staying up to code. Complying with regulations can save hefty fines, and it can ultimately save lives. With temporary power poles, you get professional installation that meets all legal requirements. So that’s one less liability to worry about!

10 Fun And Fascinating Porta Potty Facts

Porta potties are a very much overlooked utility in our community. So often, we simply don’t notice them; that is, until we need to! So in honour of our great mate the porta potty, let’s take a look at some of the more obscure porta potty facts we know.

Fact #1 The porta potty is among the most benign technology to emerge from World War II

When you think of wartime technology, your mind probably visits a few of the more sinister options. Bombs, weapons, vehicles, and tactics are what we normally associate with war technology. But there are plenty of less sinister things too, like the humble porta potty! Porta potties are actually a product of World War II technology, which sought to provide sanitation for the shipyards, which were understandably busy.

Fact #2 Evidence suggests that ancient Egyptian tombs were equipped with a porta potty – here’s why

It’s a pretty widely recognised fact that the porta potty as we know it emerged in the 1940s. However, there is some evidence to suggest that a certain variety of porta potty was invented long before that. Owing to the firm Egyptian belief in an afterlife, Egyptian tombs were often adorned with the necessities. These generally included all the items necessary to get through life after death. And it doesn’t get more necessary that a toilet!

Fact #3 To meet the need of some very discerning patrons, the luxury porta potty was invented!

It’s the case with every invention: someone has to create a luxury version! And porta potties are not immune from that phenomenon. Luxury porta potties, with marble benchtops and all sorts of luxury additions, are actually pretty common. We don’t mind the classic get-the-job-done version, though.

Fact #4 Research has indicated that the first porta potty in the row is the cleanest – who would have thought?

It’s a debate as old as public toilets themselves: which stall is the cleanest? Unsurprisingly, this debate extends to porta potties. But the answer may surprise you: it’s the first! People generally favour privacy, and so they go to the furthers porta potty from the queue.

Fact #5 Porta potties offer more than just convenience – they are also good for the environment

We all know they’re one of the most practical varieties of toilet. But what are the other benefits of a porta potty? Well, water conservation is one. Porta potties use far less water than conventional toilets, which makes them better for the environment.

Fact #6 Embalming chemicals such as formaldehyde were the first used to mask porta potty odour

The famous chemical you see in porta potties wasn’t always our sanitary saviour. Back when they were invented, porta potties were equipped with formaldehyde to mask the smell. Of course, research has since shown that formaldehyde is quite harmful, so that practice has ceased long ago.

Fact #7 The large industry built around the humble porta potty is still growing – here’s why

Like any industry, the porta potty industry is built around supply and demand. So if the industry is growing, so too must demand. But from where? Construction, of course! With so much development and construction going on at the moment, someone has to keep sanitation ahead of the curve. And that’s where we come into the picture.

Fact #8 You can use a porta potty for more than just big events – they’re also great for private parties

Porta potties aren’t only for concerts and construction. If you’re hosting a large number of guests and your facilities can’t cope with the numbers, why not supplement them with a porta potty? It will keep your bathroom clean, and your guests happy.

Fact #9 Porta potties haven’t always been so portable – here’s why!

Porta potties began as heavy constructions, made predominately from timber and metal. Emptying them was hard, and moving them was harder. Luckily, that’s no longer the case!

Fact #10 Thanks to their lightweight and durable design, you can get a porta potty just about anywhere

Today, the humble porta potty is made from a lightweight polymer. They’re easy to clean, and even easier to move. If you need one moved into place on your site – give us a call!

The Weird And Wonderful History Of Portable Toilet Design

Sometimes, you stumble across a little gem of historical interest. And that’s exactly what we’ve found looking into the history of portable toilet designs! The concept seems simple: a toilet with its own holding tank, and a portable structure. But when you look at the circumstances under which the humble portable toilet actually came to be, you find a story of responsive design, and historical reflection. So let’s take a look at the ins and outs of portable toilet designs!

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Identifying Hazards On A Construction Site

Construction sites: they are one of the most hazardous spaces to work in. But for so many Australians, construction sites are the daily norm. Hours upon hours are spent on construction sites across the country each day, and every one of those hours carries a different set of hazards. So make sure you and your team get home safely – learn about identifying hazards on a construction site. Because only when they are identified, can these hazards be addressed. Here are a few common hazards worth identifying on any construction site. Continue reading Identifying Hazards On A Construction Site

Wedding Toilet Hire: Inviting Portable Toilets To Your Wedding

A space on the guest list of any wedding is a coveted position. So you may not be too keen to give yours away to an old friend who you generally prefer to see in private. But, as with all wedding guest lists, there are one or two additions that simply must be made. And one of those is a portable toilet. It’s easy to get caught up in balloon arches, floral arrangements, seating plans and catering, but even the not-so-glamorous toilet needs a look in. And here’s why!

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Evolution Of The Portable Toilet: Then And Now

It’s always interesting to know the evolution of different technologies. The evolution of simple and complex technologies alike is always revealing – it gives us an insight into what life was like for earlier generations. And when it comes to insights, few are quite so candid as those offered by the evolution of the portable toilet. The humble portable toilet has come a long way since its conception. And, although we appreciate them to no end, reading about their evolution might make us appreciate them that little bit more! Continue reading Evolution Of The Portable Toilet: Then And Now

Strange And Weird Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Portable Toilets

Portable toilets: they occupy an important, but too often under recognised role in our society. Normally, portable toilets just fade into the background, whether they’re on a job site or at a music festival. But portable toilets have been around for a while. They began in a fascinating fashion as well: they were created in the early 20th century to reduce the time spent by dock workers, going to the toilet. Continue reading Strange And Weird Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Portable Toilets

How Portable Toilet Hire Can Increase Productivity!

Portable toilet hire: it’s the unsung hero of job sites across Australia. In fact, we would go as far as saying that many of us take portable toilet hire for granted! Most people look at a portable toilet and see a standard fitting of construction sites worldwide. But when we look at portable toilets, we see an economical, sanitary, and efficient solution to one of the most important issues facing our tradies every day. If you delve into the depths of portable toilet hire, you will come to learn that they actually improve productivity more than we seem to realise. And that’s exactly what we’ve done with our list. So read on to find out how portable toilet hire improves productivity! Continue reading How Portable Toilet Hire Can Increase Productivity!