5 Reasons to Choose Portable Power Poles for your Job Site!

5 Reasons To Choose Portable Power Poles!

Running a construction site takes planning and work – it’s not an easy job! Sow when it comes to finding a power supply, you are going to want to run with the easiest option. But is the easy option also the best? With portable power poles, it sure is! Portable power poles power your site from top to bottom. They come in a variety of configurations as well! You can choose from the likes of single phase and three phase power poles. But what other benefits do they offer?

#1 Running a welder? You will need power poles to supply enough electricity

It’s time to think about what is really chewing the juice on your site. And there’s no shortage of candidates! Some of the highest energy consumers include things like hammer drills. But, believe it or not, they aren’t even the worst! The highest energy consumption on your site almost always comes from welders. Generating that extreme heat requires more energy than a lot of people realise. And this energy can’t just come from any source. It has to come from a source capable of delivering high currents safely. Luckily, power poles fit that description perfectly!

#2 Power poles are a safe energy option and safety is paramount on a work site!

High voltage power supplies carry with them some degree of risk. So how can you make your electrical supply safe? There are a few different ways, but the best is to start with a reliable and safe supply. And in terms of safety, power poles are second to none. They are designed to facilitate high voltage currents and they are built for the worksite. So you can really put your faith in them!

#3 Power poles don’t get in your way – they are a low profile power supply

Are you sick of stumbling around a worksite? Have you found that space is hard to come by? Well, worry no longer! Power poles deliver all the power without taking up all the space. As far as high-voltage power supplies go, power poles are among the most streamlined. Simply set them up in the right spot and enjoy power without the clutter. Believe us, it beats stumbling around generators and cords all day!

#4 Power poles are an affordable portable power problem solver!

Getting reliable power seems expensive enough around the house! So how on earth can you find affordable power on a worksite? Well, in terms of affordability power poles have to rate a mention. When you think about the unrivalled power supply they provide, any price starts to look good. But it gets better still, as power poles offer great value by any standards. After all, you have to keep the site running and to do so without worrying about power failures is something special!

#5 Portable power poles are easy to install – but make sure the installation is only done by a qualified electrician!

Now for our last point: convenience! Power poles are easy to install and easy to transport. But you don’t have to worry about either! You can get power poles delivered to your site by the provider. Better still, they will get an electrician to install it for you. It is vitally important, from both a safety and legal standpoint, that this job is only done by a licenced and qualified electrician. Power poles generate a lot of electricity, which means that they are hazardous if managed incorrectly. An electrician will ensure that everything is safe and up to scratch. So leave it to the pros and enjoy power without the hassle!

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